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Alyria will improve your skin tone and texture, and noticeably reduce fine lines and even deep wrinkles. This system incorporates the best ingredients, such as Glycolic Acid, Matrixyl, Retinal, Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid), and state of the art technology, to enhance the beauty of your skin.




clenzidermObagi CLENZIderm M.D.™ System

CLENZIderm™ Systems are prescription-strength acne therapies from the Obagi Medical Products. Unlike other benzoyl peroxide acne products, CLENZIderm™ systems contain a unique liquified form of 5% benzoyl peroxide, known as SoluZyl Technology™. Because it is liquefied, this powerful medication can penetrate deeply and quickly into your pores. These clinically proven systems are 3-step acne therapies, one for the normal to oily skin, and one for the normal to dry skin.





obagiObagi Nu-Derm™

The Obagi Nu-Derm™ system is the physician-dispensed, prescription-strength skincare system that can transform your skin at the cellular level. This system is clinically proven to result in younger and healthier looking skin. The Nu-Derm™ System penetrates below the surface of your skin to transform and correct the damaged skin cells. The system will exfoliate old skin leaving healthy, new skin that looks and acts younger and healthier.





The SkinTX™ Treatment System is a 24-week prescription-strength home skin restoration system. It is suitable for skin with hyperpigmentation, acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles, photo-damage, uneven skin texture and tone. You will notice fast results, less irritation, and visible improvements starting in only 4 to 6 weeks.



vivierVivier Pharma

Vivier Pharma offers a wide range of skin programs that are specialized for a variety of different skin problems. These include redness, acne, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation. This leading contributor in skin care technology uses only pharmaceutical grade ingredients. Vivier Pharma has designed a unique “delivery system” called the IntraDermal System “IDS”. It has the ability to increase penetration across the outermost layer of the skin by diffusion, thereby depositing an ingredient into the skin right where it is needed most. The important features and benefits of the “IDS” include controlled penetration, longer-lasting effect, improved stability, and sustained action.